Sunday, December 26, 2010

Unexpected Joys

Tiny hands, itty-bitty pink rolling pin, BIG excitement: our grand daughter, Ashland Skye, making her very first gingerbread cookies. Grandma CeCe (that's moi) laughed out loud after Mom peeled away the extra pieces of spice-fragrant dough, and our little flour-coated baker squealed, "There's a MAN!"

It was a wonderful day, with giggles, frosting smears, candy sprinkles (more on her face than on the cookies), and precious firsts. First cookie bake with grandma, first Christmas in our new California home. And, for me, an unexpected moment of joy: teaching Ashland to use her tiny rolling pin by demonstrating with my heavy marble one--a gift from my mother many years ago. It almost felt like she was there with us, Bebe (her Grandma name) CeCe, and Ashland, our eager third generation cookie baker. Huge lump in my throat, and big, big blessing. It was the perfect start to a wonderful Christmas celebration. And better than any costly, ribbon-wrapped present.

Were you gifted with an unexpected joy this Christmas?