Thursday, April 19, 2012

Release Day at last . . .

At LONG last, Trauma Plan has finally released--"early" according to the May 1st predictions. But for this author (and flatteringly impatient readers) the 18 months between book releases has felt like the world's longest pregnancy. I'm thinking cigars are in order! Or at least chocolate . . .

This book, as you probably know, marks the beginning of my new Texas-set Grace Medical series--this first story during the colorful days of "Fiesta." I've been there: very easy to get a confetti-filled egg cracked over your head! Trust me on that, and then experience it yourself in the pages of this novel. That indeed is one of my goals: to transport readers to wonderful settings in San Antonio, the famous Riverwalk, historic Alamo, and charming "hill country" towns of Boerne, Fredrickburg, and Luckenbach. There's music, peach cobbler, sweet tea, line-dancing, skydiving (yes!), breath-catching action, suspense, AND romance, of course. It's all there--prepare to laugh, sigh and maybe even reach for Kleenex. I think this is a story you'll remember.

I'm goose-bumpy with delight at reviews rolling in, like these from major sites:

“ . . . characters are likeable and receive rich and thorough development in this enjoyable ‘hope opera’ page-turner.”
--Publishers Weekly

“Calvert is an ER nurse who brings the reader not only a great romantic story, but a glimpse into the chaos of an urban medical clinic. Trauma Plan is a humor-filled romance, woven throughout with suspense, medical intrigue and faith. Readers will look forward the rest of the Grace Medical series.”
--Romantic Times, 4 ½ stars {highest rating}

And I can't help but share this particular reviewer's observation:

“George Clooney would probably take on another doctor's role after reading this book.”
--Becky Holland, Macon Books Examiner

From her lips to Clooney's agent's ears!

Seriously, I'm so glad that wait is over and I can finally share this story with you--I'm eager to hear what you think of your fictional journey to San Antonio. Please drop me a note.

Meanwhile, I am hard at work. Just days ago I received a hearty thumbs up from my publisher for the second book in this series (working title Rescue Team) and I'm now beginning work on the third manuscript. There's hardly time to throw a confetti egg to celebrate release day!

If you've already ordered Trauma Plan, I thank you very much. If you'd like to read more (including reviews), here are links to the online sites  already shipping this book:
Amazon, Christian Book, Barnes & Noble. E-book availability will soon follow, as will arrival of print books in local stores.

Thank you for your patience, encouragement and support during these "expectant" months.

Wheeeeee . . . we have a book release!