Saturday, October 13, 2012

Books & Cooks? Opinions please . . .

As you may know, I recently attended the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) conference in Dallas. It's something I look forward to all year. Writing is solitary work and this event--with nearly 700 writers in all stages of their careers--is a chance to connect, share, hug, and actually talk with people who aren't imaginary! It's also a chance to learn. About the craft of writing. About trends in publishing. And about the various ways of connecting with readers--which is really important to me.

In aiming for that reader connection, most authors do a variety of things: book signings, newsletters, social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc.) and blogging. Each of which basically takes time away from writing. Which, of course, is the reason we have readers to connect with in the first place! A dilemma for sure.

Confession: blogging isn't my favorite thing. You've probably noticed that with the randomness of my posts. On the other hand, I do enjoy the give-and-take of my Twitter and Facebook connections. I'm there every day. Several times a day. And, if you follow me on those networks, you've seen that I tend to post less about writing and more about . . . FOOD. Because cooking, "apron time," is as much as passion for me as writing fiction. Similar perhaps in creativity: sprinkling herbs like metaphors, and so forth.

Anyway, at the ACFW conference I met with marketing and media specialists, and learned something that got me pretty excited: There is no hard and fast rule that an author's blog posts have to be about writing!. Seriously. I think my jaw dropped. Especially when the experts went on to say that an author's blog posts could be about something ELSE that stirs their passion. Stirs . . . as in wooden spoons, sauces . . . COOKING!  I think I may have squealed with glee at this concept. Because, you see, I'm ALWAYS posting (on Facebook, Twitter) about cooking, including recipes, step by step photos . . . funny snippets about cooking bloopers. And, from the comments, folks seem to be having fun with that. 

In fact, if I had a nickel for every time someone said, "You should write a cookbook" . . . you get the idea.

SO (brain spinning) I started noodling this idea. (Oops, noodle--food already), and thought of an idea.
What if THIS blog becomes an "Author's Kitchen" blog (actual title to be figured out)? Where I share not only MY cooking tidbits, but GUEST AUTHORS' cooking favorites, photos, bloopers, memories. Your favorite authors in their own kitchens! AND I'd invite YOU to comment, share, get involved . . . tie on a virtual apron if you will. I love the idea of that.

I think it could be fun. But I want YOUR opinion.
AND I want to give away some books!

So, leave a comment below telling me your opinion (yay or nay, or suggestions) regarding my idea of changing this to an Authors' Kitchen blog. And I'll enter your name in a random drawing for one of FIVE signed copies of any of my books. Your choice (Critical Care, Disaster Status, Code Triage, or Trauma Plan). If you already have them, I'll be happy to sign them for you to give as a gift or library donation . . . or whatever.

I'll draw names on Monday, October 22nd. Please leave your e-mail address in this format: candace(at)candacecalvert(dot)com to help thwart those cyber robots.

 I look forward to your comments. Good luck and Bon Apetit!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Meet Nora St. Laurent of The Book Club Network

Today, it's my great pleasure to introduce you to Nora St. Laurent of The Book Club Network. This fabulous organization is celebrating a "birthday bash," with wonderful opportunities to mingle with fellow readers, authors, and to win books as well!

Nora's here to answer my eager questions regarding her work, but first here's a bit of her background:

Nora is the CEO of The Book Club Network Incorporated. Nora and her husband run The Book Club Network She runs two book clubs near Atlanta, Ga., Former ACFW On-Line Book Club. Nora currently writes a Book Club column for the Christian Fiction OnLine Magazine and is a Book Club Talk Columnist for Novel Rocket. You can read author interviews on her Finding Hope Through Fiction blog, and reviews around the web at The Christian Pulse Mag, Title Trakk, Novel Reviews, and Suspense Zone. 

And now . . . let's get to those questions:

Why did you start TBCN? 

The Book Club Network was born out of a desire to share Christian Fiction authors with other book clubs, share book club ideas with other leaders and to encourage the authors who are writing such amazing books. The economy has been really tough for a few years and people are not parting with money like they used to. Through TBCN they can take their time and find the right book or win it. We have give away opportunities each month. ALL of our contests are from the 19th – 21st of the month.
I run two face to face book clubs one at the Christian Book Store I work at and the other at the church I attend. It’s a position I never imagined I’d be in since I didn’t read for pleasure much before I started working in a Christian book store 11 years ago. 

But since I love talking with people and the main thing to talk about in a book store is books I started reading Christian Fiction (publishers sent ARC copies to our store and I started checking them out) The first book that rocked my world and got me hooked in Christian Fiction was a book by Linda Nichols called Not a Sparrow Falls her next book did me in and I couldn’t stop talking about it, At the Scent of Water was her next book that prompted me to contact the author and let her know how much her book touched my spirit.
After reading these two books and telling customers about these reads I had a reason to read.  These books spoke to me because I wasn’t expecting it. It reminded me of the stories in the bible. Jesus is the greatest story teller and He knew a story could change a life or prick our spirit and move us in a direction we never thought we’d be in.

I tell you all that to say I’m dyslexic and I have not been a fan of reading. Movies were more my thing. I could watch a movie of a book and have a lot more fun. Reading Christian Fiction changed my life in more ways than one.  I wanted to tell everyone about the greatest book I read, and I’d do that at the book store.  It was possible to talk about the new book I read and loved for about a month or more but when At the Scent of Water and Not a Sparrow Falls were not on the shelf anymore, I had to find some other books to talk about at work.  I’m not a very fast reader so; discovering the next new book was a challenge. Would I get the book read before it disappeared from the shelf?  How long do books live on a book shelf? The shelf life of a book was a mystery to me and still is.

I was whining to my husband Fred about my problem. How can I get the word out about great books for a very long period of time??? Being a man who likes to face challenges head we began to talk about how we could do this and the fact that I can’t read books fast enough to keep up with it’s shelf life at the store.
I also told him as a book club leader I wanted to promote great books and share them with other groups. Not everyone has the advantage of working at a book store and see what new books hit the shelves each week. Another struggle I had was if I had an author speaking at my book club I wanted to share them with other book clubs in the area. How could I do that? Where are book clubs meeting?

Our answer to many of these questions and more was the birth of The Book Club Network - TBCN. Connecting authors to book clubs and readers to their books; it’s also a network of book clubs as they post what they’ve read and how the meeting turned out.

It’s a place to find where a book club is located. We have a member map where you can find a book club near you. Message them and see if they are accepting new members. I envision it to be similar to be similar to the Weight Watchers program (don’t laugh Grin) you can go to a meeting anywhere in the country right? All you have to do is look on line and get connected. This is my hope for the future of TBCN.

(Giggle) I love your analogy to Weight Watchers! Have there been any surprises for you @TBCN?

I’ve been encouraged and fascinated by our growth. I can see there were other people out there like me wanting to connect with other book club members.
I’ll tell you what has surprised me is the author/reader interaction each month. This is something I didn’t foresee as I’ve watch the authors are having a blast interacting with the readers and visa/versa. The beauty of this discussion is it’s there forever for all to read no matter when you join TBCN.
The authors have done a great job coming up with questions for reader to answer that give them a peek into their book – create interest and then the discussion helps book club leaders connect with the author. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the amount of authors that want to be featured @The Book Club Network. It’s been a great thing.

The interaction with the authors is almost like having a book club meeting on line. The authors are catching on. Our sponsors have loved the interaction as well. Members have told me that they love the author interaction from the 19th-21st as much as having a chance to win all these books. It’s hard to know if a book will be a fit for your group so these interaction times are helpful for that and so much more. Another thing I love about TBCN members is the fact they are not afraid to share what they think in a good way. I’ve learned so much and laughed out loud in some discussion where the questions lead to sharing funny moments.

My hope is that book club leaders and/or members participate in the discussions and make that book connection with the author and their book. I want TBCN to be a tool for them in picking out their books. Maybe invite the author to speak to their book club on the phone. It’s my hope. The discussion will be there forever. No worries about a books shelf live here @TBCN. So, everyone has time to get to know each other!! It’s a beautiful thing!

Beautiful indeed! How can readers join in the anniversary celebrations?

It’s easy to sign up to be a member of TBCN.  We ask a few questions for you to answer and for other information that helps us keep spammers and other information seekers out of the network. It’s also FREE. You have opportunities to win lots of books. For our BIRTHDAY BASH we are giving away 10 books a day and announcing winners once a week. You’ll have all week to enter the daily featured contests. 

Sounds so exciting! Do you have any other comments for my readers?

If you are avid reader this is the place for you to learn about the latest in Christian Fiction and interact with the author each month. 
Are you a book club leader? Well this is the place for you to find your next book club pick. We’d also love for you to set up your Book club page at our site for others to see. It’s a place to share your latest featured book. Post pictures of your club and the field trips you’ve taken. The authors you’ve met and the book fun you’ve had. Learn from other book clubs that have already set up their pages. 
Want to start a book club but felt it was too overwhelming? You can learn from other experienced book club leaders, and you can start right away making your book club list!
Do you like to win books? This is the place for you. You’ll have a chance to get to know the authors and their books and read genre’s you normally wouldn’t. We’ve been giving away about 100 books a month and for our birthday bash it’s going to be 10 books every day; starting August first. Winners are picked weekly and announced each weekly.

Nora, what great fun to learn more about The Book Club Network and about YOU. And what a wonderful opportunity for my readers. Thank you for being here!

THANK YOU! You’ve been a grand host to have me here and let me talk about The Book Club Network and our Birthday Bash!! I hope to see you there @TBCN 

You are a Blessing!!

Nora :o)
The Book Club Network CEO

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Author Jordyn Redwood ~ Interview & Giveaway

Thank you ALL for coming by to meet and encourage Jordyn. And now, our random drawing winner for a signed copy of PROOF is: "inspiremichelle"

One of the best parts of my career as an ER nurse was the warm camaraderie that comes with being part of a team focused on a single goal: saving lives.
In my new journey as a Christian fiction author, I'm amazed to discover a similar sense of team and commitment among my fellow writers. Our goal: To bring readers stories that both entertain and inspire. 

Today I'm delighted to introduce a talented friend who is a part of both teams:

Nurse author JORDYN REDWOOD!

Jordyn and I met two years ago an ACFW conference. We ended up as seat mates on the flight home, and it was then that I first heard the intriguing concept for what would become Jordyn's first published novel, PROOF. 
It's been so great to follow her journey, and I'm thrilled for the opportunity to interview her here today. 

Here's a short bio:

Jordyn Redwood is a pediatric ER nurse by day, suspense novelist by night. Her debut medical thriller, Proof, examines the real life possibility of DNA testing setting a guilty criminal free. It has been endorsed by the likes of Lynette Eason, Dr. Harry Kraus, and Rick Acker to name a few. Jordyn loves to hear from readers via e-mail at 

And here is a brief description of her newly released medical thriller:

When Dr. Lilly Reeves is raped, she's determined to punish her assailant. A unique tattoo and unusually colored eyes make identification easy. But when Lilly finds him, DNA testing clears him. What good is her Proof of guilt if science says he's innocent?

And now, let's learn more about my newest medical fiction team mate:

Welcome, Jordyn! 

As a debut author, what has surprised you most about the process of publication—meaning the working journey between the exciting moment of signing a contract and the actual release of your first book? What one thing proved surprisingly easy? Unexpectedly difficult?

Candace, thank you so much for hosting me. You’re a great friend, talented author and wonderful mentor and it’s an honor for me to be here.

I’m beginning to think that the process of publication is a lot like working in the ER. There are months that go by where you may not have much contact with the publisher and then, all of a sudden, it is a flurry of activity. We need this novel edited this month! Reminds me of times at work where we’ll be sitting at the desk with an empty department and bursting our seams in the next 30 minutes.
Of course, as a pre-published author, I heard horror story after story about what little marketing your publishing house would do and I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised at how much my publisher is doing. I’m very thankful for Kregel’s efforts in marketing this book and Cat Hoort is a pleasure to work with.
Unexpectedly difficult? How much work the life of a published author really is and how little I’m actually writing on my latest novel. The majority of my time right now is marketing efforts and editing my second novel before the first is even on the shelf. Also, the learning curve of social media. 

 Would you say your background in critical care nursing prepared you in any way for these new demands of your publishing career? How so?

 Yes, definitely. Critical care nursing is all about preparing for the worst case scenario. Worst case scenario in writing for me was marketing a debut novel, editing my second novel and writing my third novel at the same time.
Well, that’s exactly what I got notice of on May 3rd. Now, in preparation for my worst case scenario, I already have 1/3 of my latest manuscript complete (not due to the publisher until January 15th), my blog has posts written into late June (I blog three times/wk so it’s quite a few posts) and I’d at least started on my marketing commitments. Even though I wasn’t happy this happened, I at least anticipated it was likely to occur so I was somewhat mentally prepared. That’s why medical people rehearse emergencies—to mentally prepare as well.  

 I love this exuberant statement on your blog:  “If anyone ever says I write like Dean Koontz, I will drop tackle them and smother them with kisses . . .” Let’s imagine this: 
You’re sitting in a Southern California restaurant across from Mr. Koontz, this favorite author whose work the New York Times has called “psychologically complex, masterly and satisfying.”  He’s graciously offered to let you pick his brain. It’s a rare chance to harvest something from his writing process and years of experience that could enrich your work. You are allowed 3 questions—what are they?

 Oh my, Candace! You literally gave me heart palpitations even thinking about this possibility. 
After I recover my ability to speak from just being in the presence of sheer author awesomeness and have him sign every copy of his books that I own I think I would ask these questions.
1. Are you a Christian? I’ve been curious about this for years as a Dean Koontz novel truly highlights the battle between good and evil and at times, I feel his voice coming through and think, “Only a Christian would say it quite this way.”
2. Do you have any special techniques for writing prose? This is one of the things I love most about Dean Koontz is that his use of description is so elegant and not boring. This is one area I struggle with in my own craft is writing beautiful prose that elevates the story and isn’t just a means of pointing the reader in the right direction. Here’s one example of his from The Moonlit Mind. “His breath plumes from him as if he’s exhaling ghosts.” I just love that.
3. How is it you write suspense so well? Reading a Koontz novel can feel like you’re watching a thriller movie. You want to peek through a very small slit of the fingers that are clasped over your eyelids. That’s what I strive for—that feeling for the reader.
And then I would beg him to write another book about the writing craft. Dean, really, for me?
Bestselling author Dean Koontz
Your medical thriller, Proof, offers many elements: medical detail, mystery, faith, action, and a thread of romance. Assuming that medical elements are second nature for a critical care nurse, will you tell us which of these other elements came most easily? Which proved more difficult?

Dialogue comes most easy for me. I will generally start a chapter by setting the scene and then write the dialogue that happens between the characters next with few tags and other description. During editing, I’ll add in the other layers.
In Proof, the middle proved difficult. I knew what I wanted to write in the first part of the novel, the middle climax and the end but I needed a creative way to move Lilly along this path of the last third of the book in a way that was still interesting for the reader. 

When reading Proof, I was struck again and again by the thought that this story would make for an incredible movie or TV feature.  Your scenes seem almost cinematographic.  Does it feel that way to you as you write? Would you like to see Proof in film format? Which actress should be cast as Dr. Lilly Reeves?

Thank you, Candace. That’s a really great compliment. As an author, you are nearly beat to death with the phrase, “Show. Don’t tell.” As an early writer, I really struggled with what that meant and the best way another writer explained it to me was to write the scene like you’re watching it as a movie. So I think your observation is accurate as this is one way I get through those areas of description that are much harder for me.
Of course, I would love Proof to be a movie. Lifetime Channel—can you hear me? Dr. Lilly Reeves should be played by Angelina Jolie though I think she might be too expensive for me to hire at this point in her career.  {Proof Character Spotlight with "celebrity picks" here}
Angelina Jolie
You juggle a demanding career and family responsibilities as well as offering Redwood’s Medical Edge, a remarkable blog that helps writers “get it right” when penning medical scenes.  All that AND you’re currently contracted for three books in the Bloodline trilogy! How do you carve out your writing time? Can you tell us about that process?

The only way I can manage all of my responsibilities is to make writing goals. Split that big elephant up into tiny, bite-size pieces. I look at the deadline, what I need to do to accomplish it, and write daily/weekly/monthly goals to help me get there. Also, I add in a buffer so if a crisis hits, I can stay on track. 

If a CSI team examined your writing area, what crumbs, spills or interesting “evidence” might they find to connect that space to author Jordyn Redwood?

Piles and piles of books. I’m a research nut so I always have a few interesting books around. Right now, I can see The Science of Evil and SAS Survival Guide to name a few. My favorite Dean Koontz novels are here too and I’ll pick those up when I’m stuck and read a few passages. Life Expectancy is my favorite. Chocolate is readily available for a crisis though I try not to eat it (and rarely succeed). Gum to keep me from eating the chocolate. Something to drink—not a coffee drinker but am a big tea fan. Though I do put the flavored coffee creamers in my tea.

With your busy schedule in mind, what do you like to do for much-needed R&R?

I love going to movies. I’m also a quilter and cross-stitcher and this is what I like to do in the evenings to unwind. 

What are you working on now?

Currently, I’m working on book #3 of the Bloodline Trilogy currently titled Peril and am editing book #2 entitled Poison that is set to release February 2013.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

My medical blog designed to help authors write medically accurate fiction can be found at and my website with book news and events at Free chapters of Proof are on my website!

Candace, thanks again for hosting me. It’s been a pleasure visiting you and your fans. 


Jordyn, it is our delight--thank you for being here.  And for offering folks a chance at a signed copy of PROOF!

For a chance at the giveaway, please leave a comment below. Be sure to add your
 e-mail address in this format: candace(at)candacecalvert(dot)com

I'll do a random drawing on Saturday June 23rd. I'll post the winner's name here and send an e-mail notification as well.

Best of luck to all, and thank you for "scrubbing in" with our exciting and hopeful medical fiction!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tell Us About That Tee Shirt . . .

As you may know, I’ve been doing a continuing feature on my Facebook Author Page called
“Getting to Know YOU” in which an author turns the tables to interview her readers. Such fun!  I’ve been working from a (pick and choose) list of questions designed to learn about my readers, especially their reading habits. One of those questions was simply, “Have you ever stayed up past 2 AM reading?”
Here’s where we stand so far on the answer to that question:

Wilma:  NO
Rick : YES
Suzanne:  YES
Nicole :  YES (preceded by “of course!”)
Ann : YES
Clari: YES

While we still have more reader features pending, you can see the evolving trend here . . .
SO, I was particularly tickled when I saw this book lovers’ Tee Shirt on the CafĂ© Press website:

I thought it was SO great, and when I posted a photo of it on my FB page, there was hearty agreement along with a chorus of “I want one!”  squeals.   And, because I love to reward my readers, I thought it would make for a fun GIVEAWAY.  So . . .

I bought the shirt

In size Extra Large

Hopefully it can easily adjust to size, gender . . . or even become a night shirt for those of you who admit to staying up past 2 AM reading!

Because Tee Shirts are a common experience, I thought  I’d ask giveaway entrants to leave a comment telling us something personal about a tee shirt : your old favorite, the one you saw and wished you’d bought, that one you had made at the fair, that ratty one of your husband’s you’d like to sneak into the trash . . . oops, did I say that?  (wink)

To start off, I’ll tell you about MY favorite tee shirt:

It was an old M.A.SH. 4077  three-quarter sleeve, army green and tan shirt with a red cross and lettering (she says with a sigh and misty eyes) that I wore completely out many years back when I was a serious runner. LOVED everything about that shirt, the colors, the cotton, and the way it made an “I’m a trauma nurse” statement even in my off duty hours!

Okay, YOUR TURN:  Leave a comment below about a tee shirt you have, did have,  or wish you could toss out.  And leave an e-mail address so that I can contact you if your name is drawn for the giveaway.

I’ll draw a winning name on Saturday, June 9th.  

Note: I am also posting this giveaway note on my FB author page. You made enter at either site, but not more than once, please.

Good luck to you all!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Release Day at last . . .

At LONG last, Trauma Plan has finally released--"early" according to the May 1st predictions. But for this author (and flatteringly impatient readers) the 18 months between book releases has felt like the world's longest pregnancy. I'm thinking cigars are in order! Or at least chocolate . . .

This book, as you probably know, marks the beginning of my new Texas-set Grace Medical series--this first story during the colorful days of "Fiesta." I've been there: very easy to get a confetti-filled egg cracked over your head! Trust me on that, and then experience it yourself in the pages of this novel. That indeed is one of my goals: to transport readers to wonderful settings in San Antonio, the famous Riverwalk, historic Alamo, and charming "hill country" towns of Boerne, Fredrickburg, and Luckenbach. There's music, peach cobbler, sweet tea, line-dancing, skydiving (yes!), breath-catching action, suspense, AND romance, of course. It's all there--prepare to laugh, sigh and maybe even reach for Kleenex. I think this is a story you'll remember.

I'm goose-bumpy with delight at reviews rolling in, like these from major sites:

“ . . . characters are likeable and receive rich and thorough development in this enjoyable ‘hope opera’ page-turner.”
--Publishers Weekly

“Calvert is an ER nurse who brings the reader not only a great romantic story, but a glimpse into the chaos of an urban medical clinic. Trauma Plan is a humor-filled romance, woven throughout with suspense, medical intrigue and faith. Readers will look forward the rest of the Grace Medical series.”
--Romantic Times, 4 ½ stars {highest rating}

And I can't help but share this particular reviewer's observation:

“George Clooney would probably take on another doctor's role after reading this book.”
--Becky Holland, Macon Books Examiner

From her lips to Clooney's agent's ears!

Seriously, I'm so glad that wait is over and I can finally share this story with you--I'm eager to hear what you think of your fictional journey to San Antonio. Please drop me a note.

Meanwhile, I am hard at work. Just days ago I received a hearty thumbs up from my publisher for the second book in this series (working title Rescue Team) and I'm now beginning work on the third manuscript. There's hardly time to throw a confetti egg to celebrate release day!

If you've already ordered Trauma Plan, I thank you very much. If you'd like to read more (including reviews), here are links to the online sites  already shipping this book:
Amazon, Christian Book, Barnes & Noble. E-book availability will soon follow, as will arrival of print books in local stores.

Thank you for your patience, encouragement and support during these "expectant" months.

Wheeeeee . . . we have a book release!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Frozen Cookies. Your Turn . . .

Sunday, Jan. 29th, noon Pacific time~ BOOK GIVEAWAY WINNERS: Edie, Pegg, Bethany, Jen, Wendy, and Kelly!!  Yes, I doubled the winners because y'all left so many wonderful comments (confessions!). Thank you and do continue to stop by--we'll be having more of this fun!

Hi. My name is Candace . . . and I have a gingerbread habit. 
Seriously. I always suspected it. From way back, when I first empathized with that fox in that Gingerbread Man story. A warm-from-the-oven spice cookie (riding on your back as you cross a river), who wouldn't be tempted? Totally understandable. Especially with that cookie's smug teasing: "Run, run, run as fast as you can. You can't catch me . . ."

Yeah well. Fox couldn't resist. And me either.  I make 'em, frost them, personalize them for guests. Which all falls quite legitimately under the heading of Holiday Festivities. Innocent, generous, possibly even admirable. But . . . (cue the musical dark interlude)

Digging around in the depths of the garage freezer to find the zip lock with the last spice man hints at a serious gingerbread habit. If a person actually "hid" it there herself, furthers the suspicion. That she found it and ate it still frozen: proof.

There, I've greeted the new year with a clean slate. (And ziplock). Phew, what a relief. I feel better already.
So . . . I thought I'd extend that same good feeling to YOU as well.
C'mon, let's have some silly fun:

What was your holiday 2011 goody temptation?

You know you had one . . . right? Chocolate? Peppermint mochas? Pumpkin cheesecake?

Share it here, now. And . . .

I'll put your name in a drawing for a book giveaway: A signed and personalized copy of any one of my Mercy Hospital books (Critical Care, Disaster Status, Code Triage) OR a copy of Chicken Soup Best Stories of Faith OR a "surprise" inspirational fiction novel of my choice (from my grab bag of great authors). You don't need to specify your choice now, we'll do that after the drawing.

I'll randomly draw the three winning names on Sunday, January 29th. Be sure to leave your e-mail address so that I can contact you if your name is drawn.

(As a recovering gingerbread addict), I look forward to hearing your comments.

Meanwhile, back to a new year regime of exercise, lower carbs . . . the occasional cinnamon laced coffee. No gingerbread man on my back. No sir.
Til at least a week after Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Book: Chapter One Trauma Plan

Happy New Year friends!  It's that time of year when we make plans, promises, set goals and feel encouraged by the opportunity to start fresh. As an author, 2012 is especially exciting: this year the first book in my new medical drama series releases. Trauma Plan is already available for pre-order via various online sources and should begin shipping May 1st. (Local bookstores should also start receiving orders in May).

As you can imagine, I'm pretty excited to share this story with you at long last. And completely honored by these early reviews:

“ . . . heart stopping . . . and heart melting . . . A great read and one for your keeper shelf.”
--Lynette Eason, award winning, best selling author of the Women of Justice series

“ . . . grab your parachute and take a dive into an amazing story packed with solid characters, including Calvert’s Rx for great fiction—a heart-throb hero!!”
--Ronie Kendig, author of the Discarded Hero series

“Trauma Plan is a novel that will grip your heart and keep you turning pages.”
--Richard L. Mabry, MD
--Author of Lethal Remedy and the Prescription for Trouble series

To get you up to speed, here's the back cover blurb: 

Sidelined by injuries from a vicious assault, nurse chaplain Riley Hale is determined to return to ER duties. But how can she show she’s competent when the hospital won’t let her attempt even simple tasks? Determined to prove herself, Riley volunteers at a controversial urban free clinic despite her fears about the maverick doctor in charge. 

Dr. Jack Travis defends his clinic like he’s commander of the Alamo. He’ll fight the community’s efforts to shut its doors, even if he must use Riley Hale’s influential family name to make it happen. 

As Riley strives to regain her skills, Jack finds that she shares his compassion—and stirs his lonely heart. 

Riley senses that beneath Jack’s rough exterior is a man she can believe in. But when clinic protests escalate and questions surface about his past, Jack goes into battle mode, and Riley wonders if it’s dangerous to trust him with her heart.

And now (drum roll implied) I'm delighted to offer right here, right now:

I hope you enjoy the read. Let me know what you think.  Once again, Happy New Year, friends!