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Author Jordyn Redwood ~ Interview & Giveaway

Thank you ALL for coming by to meet and encourage Jordyn. And now, our random drawing winner for a signed copy of PROOF is: "inspiremichelle"

One of the best parts of my career as an ER nurse was the warm camaraderie that comes with being part of a team focused on a single goal: saving lives.
In my new journey as a Christian fiction author, I'm amazed to discover a similar sense of team and commitment among my fellow writers. Our goal: To bring readers stories that both entertain and inspire. 

Today I'm delighted to introduce a talented friend who is a part of both teams:

Nurse author JORDYN REDWOOD!

Jordyn and I met two years ago an ACFW conference. We ended up as seat mates on the flight home, and it was then that I first heard the intriguing concept for what would become Jordyn's first published novel, PROOF. 
It's been so great to follow her journey, and I'm thrilled for the opportunity to interview her here today. 

Here's a short bio:

Jordyn Redwood is a pediatric ER nurse by day, suspense novelist by night. Her debut medical thriller, Proof, examines the real life possibility of DNA testing setting a guilty criminal free. It has been endorsed by the likes of Lynette Eason, Dr. Harry Kraus, and Rick Acker to name a few. Jordyn loves to hear from readers via e-mail at 

And here is a brief description of her newly released medical thriller:

When Dr. Lilly Reeves is raped, she's determined to punish her assailant. A unique tattoo and unusually colored eyes make identification easy. But when Lilly finds him, DNA testing clears him. What good is her Proof of guilt if science says he's innocent?

And now, let's learn more about my newest medical fiction team mate:

Welcome, Jordyn! 

As a debut author, what has surprised you most about the process of publication—meaning the working journey between the exciting moment of signing a contract and the actual release of your first book? What one thing proved surprisingly easy? Unexpectedly difficult?

Candace, thank you so much for hosting me. You’re a great friend, talented author and wonderful mentor and it’s an honor for me to be here.

I’m beginning to think that the process of publication is a lot like working in the ER. There are months that go by where you may not have much contact with the publisher and then, all of a sudden, it is a flurry of activity. We need this novel edited this month! Reminds me of times at work where we’ll be sitting at the desk with an empty department and bursting our seams in the next 30 minutes.
Of course, as a pre-published author, I heard horror story after story about what little marketing your publishing house would do and I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised at how much my publisher is doing. I’m very thankful for Kregel’s efforts in marketing this book and Cat Hoort is a pleasure to work with.
Unexpectedly difficult? How much work the life of a published author really is and how little I’m actually writing on my latest novel. The majority of my time right now is marketing efforts and editing my second novel before the first is even on the shelf. Also, the learning curve of social media. 

 Would you say your background in critical care nursing prepared you in any way for these new demands of your publishing career? How so?

 Yes, definitely. Critical care nursing is all about preparing for the worst case scenario. Worst case scenario in writing for me was marketing a debut novel, editing my second novel and writing my third novel at the same time.
Well, that’s exactly what I got notice of on May 3rd. Now, in preparation for my worst case scenario, I already have 1/3 of my latest manuscript complete (not due to the publisher until January 15th), my blog has posts written into late June (I blog three times/wk so it’s quite a few posts) and I’d at least started on my marketing commitments. Even though I wasn’t happy this happened, I at least anticipated it was likely to occur so I was somewhat mentally prepared. That’s why medical people rehearse emergencies—to mentally prepare as well.  

 I love this exuberant statement on your blog:  “If anyone ever says I write like Dean Koontz, I will drop tackle them and smother them with kisses . . .” Let’s imagine this: 
You’re sitting in a Southern California restaurant across from Mr. Koontz, this favorite author whose work the New York Times has called “psychologically complex, masterly and satisfying.”  He’s graciously offered to let you pick his brain. It’s a rare chance to harvest something from his writing process and years of experience that could enrich your work. You are allowed 3 questions—what are they?

 Oh my, Candace! You literally gave me heart palpitations even thinking about this possibility. 
After I recover my ability to speak from just being in the presence of sheer author awesomeness and have him sign every copy of his books that I own I think I would ask these questions.
1. Are you a Christian? I’ve been curious about this for years as a Dean Koontz novel truly highlights the battle between good and evil and at times, I feel his voice coming through and think, “Only a Christian would say it quite this way.”
2. Do you have any special techniques for writing prose? This is one of the things I love most about Dean Koontz is that his use of description is so elegant and not boring. This is one area I struggle with in my own craft is writing beautiful prose that elevates the story and isn’t just a means of pointing the reader in the right direction. Here’s one example of his from The Moonlit Mind. “His breath plumes from him as if he’s exhaling ghosts.” I just love that.
3. How is it you write suspense so well? Reading a Koontz novel can feel like you’re watching a thriller movie. You want to peek through a very small slit of the fingers that are clasped over your eyelids. That’s what I strive for—that feeling for the reader.
And then I would beg him to write another book about the writing craft. Dean, really, for me?
Bestselling author Dean Koontz
Your medical thriller, Proof, offers many elements: medical detail, mystery, faith, action, and a thread of romance. Assuming that medical elements are second nature for a critical care nurse, will you tell us which of these other elements came most easily? Which proved more difficult?

Dialogue comes most easy for me. I will generally start a chapter by setting the scene and then write the dialogue that happens between the characters next with few tags and other description. During editing, I’ll add in the other layers.
In Proof, the middle proved difficult. I knew what I wanted to write in the first part of the novel, the middle climax and the end but I needed a creative way to move Lilly along this path of the last third of the book in a way that was still interesting for the reader. 

When reading Proof, I was struck again and again by the thought that this story would make for an incredible movie or TV feature.  Your scenes seem almost cinematographic.  Does it feel that way to you as you write? Would you like to see Proof in film format? Which actress should be cast as Dr. Lilly Reeves?

Thank you, Candace. That’s a really great compliment. As an author, you are nearly beat to death with the phrase, “Show. Don’t tell.” As an early writer, I really struggled with what that meant and the best way another writer explained it to me was to write the scene like you’re watching it as a movie. So I think your observation is accurate as this is one way I get through those areas of description that are much harder for me.
Of course, I would love Proof to be a movie. Lifetime Channel—can you hear me? Dr. Lilly Reeves should be played by Angelina Jolie though I think she might be too expensive for me to hire at this point in her career.  {Proof Character Spotlight with "celebrity picks" here}
Angelina Jolie
You juggle a demanding career and family responsibilities as well as offering Redwood’s Medical Edge, a remarkable blog that helps writers “get it right” when penning medical scenes.  All that AND you’re currently contracted for three books in the Bloodline trilogy! How do you carve out your writing time? Can you tell us about that process?

The only way I can manage all of my responsibilities is to make writing goals. Split that big elephant up into tiny, bite-size pieces. I look at the deadline, what I need to do to accomplish it, and write daily/weekly/monthly goals to help me get there. Also, I add in a buffer so if a crisis hits, I can stay on track. 

If a CSI team examined your writing area, what crumbs, spills or interesting “evidence” might they find to connect that space to author Jordyn Redwood?

Piles and piles of books. I’m a research nut so I always have a few interesting books around. Right now, I can see The Science of Evil and SAS Survival Guide to name a few. My favorite Dean Koontz novels are here too and I’ll pick those up when I’m stuck and read a few passages. Life Expectancy is my favorite. Chocolate is readily available for a crisis though I try not to eat it (and rarely succeed). Gum to keep me from eating the chocolate. Something to drink—not a coffee drinker but am a big tea fan. Though I do put the flavored coffee creamers in my tea.

With your busy schedule in mind, what do you like to do for much-needed R&R?

I love going to movies. I’m also a quilter and cross-stitcher and this is what I like to do in the evenings to unwind. 

What are you working on now?

Currently, I’m working on book #3 of the Bloodline Trilogy currently titled Peril and am editing book #2 entitled Poison that is set to release February 2013.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

My medical blog designed to help authors write medically accurate fiction can be found at and my website with book news and events at Free chapters of Proof are on my website!

Candace, thanks again for hosting me. It’s been a pleasure visiting you and your fans. 


Jordyn, it is our delight--thank you for being here.  And for offering folks a chance at a signed copy of PROOF!

For a chance at the giveaway, please leave a comment below. Be sure to add your
 e-mail address in this format: candace(at)candacecalvert(dot)com

I'll do a random drawing on Saturday June 23rd. I'll post the winner's name here and send an e-mail notification as well.

Best of luck to all, and thank you for "scrubbing in" with our exciting and hopeful medical fiction!


Redwood's Medical Edge said...


Thanks so much for having me! I love being here with you and your readers.

Anonymous said...

I would love a copy of your book. Can't wait to read it.

Anonymous said...
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Wilma said...

I would love to win a copy of Jordyn's book,. It sounds very interesting.


Kim said...

This sounds like a really intriguing story! I'm excited to read it, whether I win through this giveaway or not!

Mocha with Linda said...

I loved reading this!! I would love to win a copy of this.

misskallie2000 said...

Hi Jordyn, I love medical mysteries and look forward to reading Proof and I have added to my wish list. I enjoyed your interview and I like Dean Koontz also. Thanks for stopping by to chat and share with us and for the opportunity to enter giveaway.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

karenk said...

wow...i would love to read jordyn's debut sounds great!

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Beth said...

I would love the opportunity to read this book!! mommiebethers(at)ameritech(dot)net

Redwood's Medical Edge said...

Wow, everyone! It's so great to see excitement over this book.

Miss Kallie-- nice to meet another Koontz fan. So, what is your favorite book by him? Do share...

Barb said...

I love reading Christian Medical Fiction. So glad you and Candace are friends! Looking forward to reading your new one, and then the next one, when available.


CandaceCalvert said...

JORDYN: Once again it's a delight to have you here--(wink) I see we're both wearing our favorite scrubs!
MICHELLE: Thank you for stopping by.
WILMA: I've read PROOF. Prepare to lose sleep!
KIM: Jordyn's book is getting RAVE reviews. You don't want miss this one.
LINDA: That's high praise coming from someone like you!

CandaceCalvert said...

MISSKALLIE: Love that you and Jordyn have Dean Koontz in common. Best of luck on the giveaway!
KAREN and BETH:: Thank you both for stopping by.

Julie J. said...

Another reader after my own heart!! I am so excited about reading your upcoming release!! I have always enjoyed anything nursing, medical related and adding in romance or thriller aspects....well you have me! I, too, am a pediatric nurse!! :)

Looking forward to this release!


Redwood's Medical Edge said...


Thanks so much. I hope you enjoy Proof. Poison is set to release Feb 1, 2013.


Sounds like we love reading the same things and I am honored to meet a sister in the field of pediatric nursing. What area do you do?

Kelli Jo said...

Whooee! I'm gonna HAVE to read this! It was already in my B&N wishlist, but I'm gonna have to get it!!

Kelli Jo said...

Well, whoops! I forgot to leave my e-mail!! Kellijo23(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!

Redwood's Medical Edge said...


I SO love your enthusiasm. That's awesome!!

CandaceCalvert said...

BARB: So glad you came to visit us!
(waving) JULIE, glad to see such a great fan of medical fiction!
KELLI: Glad PROOF was on your wish list, now you can wish to win as well!
Best of luck to you all. :-)

Mary Jane Hathaway said...

This was one of the best author interviews I've read. And I've read a lot of them in this age of blog tours!
Jordyn, I love Dean Koontz. I know people say not to use that line 'if you like so-and-so then you 'll love so-and-so'. But it's sort of handy for someone who's looking at your debut novel. Now that you talked about DK and what you love about his writing, I know that your style will be similar.

Can't wait!!

Casey said...

Wow, this book is on my wish list too!

JUST went and read (or rather skimmed, since I don't have a lot of time) that first chapter. WOW! I need to read this book. ;-)

Thanks for the interview. :)


Redwood's Medical Edge said...

WOW, Virginia!!

I'm so glad you loved the interview. Nice to meet a fellow DK fan!

I would really love to know what you think of Proof and how it compares to Dean's writing. I know I still have TONS to learn but it would mean a lot to me to know what another Dean lover thinks.

Hope you love Proof.

And Casey-- love that you LOVED the first chapter. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts as well.

CandaceCalvert said...

VIRGINIA: I love your enthusiasm for this interview--Jordyn is a great guest for sure!
CASEY: Prepare to be sleepless, my friend. This book's twists have twists! Amazing debut.

Mattie Piela said...

Loving it on my Kindle! Would love to win a copy for my granddaughter!!! Email: mattiep(at)comcast(dot)net

Richard Mabry said...

Jordyn, Hope you're catching your breath after the mad whirl of a book launch. Get ready--it's a marathon, not a sprint, and I know you're going to be around a long time. Your writing is excellent.
Thanks to Candace for letting us know more about the newest addition to the medical thriller list.
Won't put my name in the pot for a free book, though. Let someone who hasn't already discovered your work reap the reward.

Richard Mabry said...
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CandaceCalvert said...

MATTIE: (waving!) thank you for joining us and wanting to generously share Jordyn's work--best of luck to you!

Anonymous said...

This book sounds like an interesting read - one I have a feeling it is hard to close until you reach the back cover. I always enjoy the author interviews.
- Jen

CandaceCalvert said...
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CandaceCalvert said...

RICHARD: We're SO honored to have you drop by! Having you and Jordyn here is giving me a flashback to my ER days, when "team" made all the difference in patient lives . . . and one's ability to get through grueling shifts. Not that different from the rigors of the publishing journey! In a culture that has long celebrated TV "Doc drama," isn't it AWESOME that inspirational medical fiction has found a niche? I couldn't be more thrilled to "scrub in" with stellar authors like you and Jordyn. Here's to that photo moment at the ACFW conference in Dallas: you bring your white coat, we'll be there in our favorite scrubs. Right, Jordyn?

CandaceCalvert said...

PS sorry for all the post removals "by blog editor," but for some reason, posts are repeating over and over.

Vera Godley said...

Please place my name in the "hat" for the book drawing. I do so much want to read "Proof" - I've been following Jordyn Redwood's blog and find it so interesting. This interview asked some very good questions and got some top drawer answers.


Jordyn Redwood said...


Thank you so much for your kind words. You are so right-- it is a marathon. I hope to be publishing novels for a long time. I have excellent authors paving the way-- you, Harry, Candace, and Cheryl to name a few.

Did you see the Library Journal review of Proof where they said to recommend it to your fans?!?

I was snoopy dancing at that comment. So awesome to be mentioned in the same paragraph with you and Robin Cook!

So good to see you here.

Yes, Candace, I love all of us medical types supporting one another. That's for sure. We're a small club.

So-- Richard will be in his lab coat, Candace in her trademark red scrubs and I am wondering if I should wear Hello, Kitty! or Pooh scrubs... I am pediatric ER nurse after all...

Jordyn Redwood said...

Thanks for stopping by, Vera.

CandaceCalvert said...

Thank you, Vera, we so appreciate your comments--and your name is in the hat. Or crystal bowl as it happens to be. Good luck!

Brooke @ i blog 4 books said...

Candace - It seems it's a day for fun interviews! I loved your questions. They made for a fantastic interview - different than the others I've read with Jordyn. :)

Jordyn - Congratulations on your debut novel! I can't wait to read it!


Bethany said...

I'd love to be entered! I've been hearing a lot (of good things!) about this book :)


Redwood's Medical Edge said...


I think what made the interview so great was Candace's questions. She did such a great job coming up with a unique angle. Let me know your thoughts when you finish.


I'm glad you're hearing lots of good things about Proof. It was a joy to write.

CandaceCalvert said...

Thank you ALL for coming by to meet and encourage Jordyn. And now, our random drawing winner for a signed copy of PROOF is: "inspiremichelle"

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