Saturday, October 13, 2012

Books & Cooks? Opinions please . . .

As you may know, I recently attended the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) conference in Dallas. It's something I look forward to all year. Writing is solitary work and this event--with nearly 700 writers in all stages of their careers--is a chance to connect, share, hug, and actually talk with people who aren't imaginary! It's also a chance to learn. About the craft of writing. About trends in publishing. And about the various ways of connecting with readers--which is really important to me.

In aiming for that reader connection, most authors do a variety of things: book signings, newsletters, social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc.) and blogging. Each of which basically takes time away from writing. Which, of course, is the reason we have readers to connect with in the first place! A dilemma for sure.

Confession: blogging isn't my favorite thing. You've probably noticed that with the randomness of my posts. On the other hand, I do enjoy the give-and-take of my Twitter and Facebook connections. I'm there every day. Several times a day. And, if you follow me on those networks, you've seen that I tend to post less about writing and more about . . . FOOD. Because cooking, "apron time," is as much as passion for me as writing fiction. Similar perhaps in creativity: sprinkling herbs like metaphors, and so forth.

Anyway, at the ACFW conference I met with marketing and media specialists, and learned something that got me pretty excited: There is no hard and fast rule that an author's blog posts have to be about writing!. Seriously. I think my jaw dropped. Especially when the experts went on to say that an author's blog posts could be about something ELSE that stirs their passion. Stirs . . . as in wooden spoons, sauces . . . COOKING!  I think I may have squealed with glee at this concept. Because, you see, I'm ALWAYS posting (on Facebook, Twitter) about cooking, including recipes, step by step photos . . . funny snippets about cooking bloopers. And, from the comments, folks seem to be having fun with that. 

In fact, if I had a nickel for every time someone said, "You should write a cookbook" . . . you get the idea.

SO (brain spinning) I started noodling this idea. (Oops, noodle--food already), and thought of an idea.
What if THIS blog becomes an "Author's Kitchen" blog (actual title to be figured out)? Where I share not only MY cooking tidbits, but GUEST AUTHORS' cooking favorites, photos, bloopers, memories. Your favorite authors in their own kitchens! AND I'd invite YOU to comment, share, get involved . . . tie on a virtual apron if you will. I love the idea of that.

I think it could be fun. But I want YOUR opinion.
AND I want to give away some books!

So, leave a comment below telling me your opinion (yay or nay, or suggestions) regarding my idea of changing this to an Authors' Kitchen blog. And I'll enter your name in a random drawing for one of FIVE signed copies of any of my books. Your choice (Critical Care, Disaster Status, Code Triage, or Trauma Plan). If you already have them, I'll be happy to sign them for you to give as a gift or library donation . . . or whatever.

I'll draw names on Monday, October 22nd. Please leave your e-mail address in this format: candace(at)candacecalvert(dot)com to help thwart those cyber robots.

 I look forward to your comments. Good luck and Bon Apetit!