Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wildcat Freshman

I have received word that I am now officially a WILDCAT!

What . . . ? Em . . . no, that does not have anything to do with my last post about my driving mishap (But thank you for your concern). By WILDCAT, I'm referring to the sports team of Weber State University. Wait . . . now it sounds like I've been recruited to play football. Scratch all that and let me start over:

I've enrolled in a course at Weber State University in Ogden Utah. The welcome letter called me a Freshman. Which made me double over laughing, since: a) it's been a whole lotta years since I was a freshman anywhere, and b) I plan to attend my class in . . . my jammies. Since it's ONLINE. If I can manage to navigate the cyber classroom that is. That remains to be seen, but I am excited! Because the class I'm taking will be a big help to my writing research. It's called: "Critical Incident Stress Management." A refresher for the extended course I took a few years back for certification as a Peer Counselor for Critical Incident Stress. The course description, sounds like this:

"An initial pilot course provides an ongoing update in the fields of critical incident response, crisis intervention, and disaster mental health. These fields are in constant flux, evolving with every major disaster. Every week the headlines reflect terrorism, natural disasters, and fears of pandemics. New information comes out regularly. It is, therefore, necessary to keep those who must meet these challenges abreast of important changes as they occur. These updates can be an important medium to provide access to the latest trends, theories, and practices."

Frankly, it gives me goosebumps. Because my Shift in Faith medical drama series for Tyndale House is based upon such pulse-pounding occurances . . . and the lives of the heroic rescuers who throw themselves heartfirst into the action. The Healer's Heart begins in the aftermath of a propane explosion at a local daycare, and I'm already scrubbed in on the opening disaster of Heart's Hazard: a widespread toxic chemical exposure in a small, coastal town.

In addition to the online course, I've also re-newed my membership in the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation--an amazing organization whose mission is to "mitigate critical incident stress and assist all of those affected by work related stress, disasters, and other traumatic events."

Okay, I realize this all sounds a little heavy. But don't worry: my biggest personal stress right now . . . is how I'm going to see the cyber blackboard through the slits of the very cool paper mache mask featured in the image above. Frankly, it pinched a bit while I was prancing around my dorm room.


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