Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bridging the Gap?

When I found this image I laughed out loud. Is there an image that tries any harder to bridge the gap between my fluffy Chick Lit mysteries . . . and my new Inspirational medical drama series? A nail polish named "Critical Care"?? Oops, sorry, I apologize for that snort, but I can't stop cracking up at how funny this strikes me. Especially because, of course, I'd love to have my loyal cruise-mystery readers "climb onboard" the new adventures offered by this upcoming series for Tyndale House. And (thank you!) many of you have already expressed interest since,though the genres (mainstream mystery & Christian fiction) differ, there will be many similiarities. Let's compare, mystery vs. medical drama:

intriguing setting: cruise ship; hospital emergency department

feisty, lovable nurse heroine: Darcy Cavanaugh; Claire Avery

handsome hero: FBI agent Luke Skyler; ER Director Dr. Logan Caldwell

quirky sidekick: cigar-smoking Marie Whitley; Smokey the one-eared cat

fast pacing: running the decks in high heels; can you spell . . . STAT?

suspense: who dunnit? ; who will change, survive?

laughs: snarky comebacks, slapstick antics; lively dialogue, warm, tension-releasing humor

romance: angst, quick clinches; real-life relationship struggles, genuine emotion, soul-satisfying happiness

heart: in glimpses, somewhere under the sequins; beating from the get-go, in rhythm with the story

Happy ending: implied; guaranteed

Reader take away: entertainment, behind the scenes glimpse into cruise travel; entertainment, an uplifting message of hope, chance to "scrub in" on the fast-paced world of emergency medicine

TV comparison: "I Love Lucy meets ER on the Love Boat"; "Grey's Anatomy finds its Soul."

So, yeah, maybe the nail polish bottle is a good image--the fine print on the bottle, after all, reads "intensive care for soft nails." Maybe that fits, since my new series trades fluff for heart and angst for faith.

Right along those lines, we also have traded titles: The Healer's Heart now has a working title of CRITICAL CARE. A term, of course, that was coined far before the naming of the nail product and is based on an exciting and intensive field of medicine. I also like the fact that it speaks as well to the vital concept of caring . . . both physical and spiritual.

Good medicine. And a good story. Hmm . . . sounds like a bridge in the gap to me.


Mocha with Linda said...

Oh, I'm so excited to find you! I'm a nurse (well, I'm home with my kids, but I keep up that precious license!) and I love Christian medical fiction! I found you on Harry Kraus's blog. Wow, are you going on my list of favorites!

I've read everything Harry Kraus has written and Hannah Alexander. Can't wait for your series to come out.

And BTW, I did good on the medical trivia quiz, fortunately! And unfortunately, I never had the privilege of being a scrub fashionista. When I was working in the hospital before I switched to Home Health, it was in the days of white uniforms. I'm only 40 something, but when I first got out of school and worked the night shift, cataracts were a 2 night stay! (The night before and the night after!) How times have changed!

It's great to "meet" you! And welcome to Texas.

CandaceCalvert said...

Linda, count me thrilled that you found me! And is that cafe mocha I smell? My favorite! CRITICAL CARE has at least three scenes that combine great coffee and quiet heartfelt sharing between nurse friends--respite from enough STAT pages, wailing sirens and rapid-fire doctor's orders to set your scrubs afire!
I'm working hard to make this series both bring glory to The Healer, and honor nurses like you. In my opinion you are the finest of heroes. Thank you for all you've done.

Again, thank you for stopping by, Linda, and please stay in touch as we race STAT to the debut of The Shift in Faith series--I want you on the team!