Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gone Armadillo Hunting

Quick post to say: Real post will be mid-week.


We're armadillo hunting.


Son and family are here from California and they've never seen one.

Which means (of course):

All armadillos--that would normally be trenching our lawn and flowerbeds to smithereens--have gone AWOL. Or to Luckenbach.


So, while the hunt continues, we console ourselves with:

Gingerbread, Barbecue, pizza, roadrunner sightings, live Texas music, salsa, spelunking, fudge, and generally having a good time.

More later. Got to go put out more armadillo bait.

They eat gingerbread and brisket, right?


Mocha with Linda said...

You mean there's not even one lying on the side of the road?! LOL

Have fun - you made me hungry!

CandaceCalvert said...

The only roadkill armadillo had been tidied up by the vultures--and resembled a baked potato skin after someone scooped the sour cream and cheese middle out! Not too impressive. He's starting to fall into disbelief, saying things like, "Okay, is this the same as Snipe hunting?" ;-)