Monday, March 15, 2010

Book Giveaway . . . and Glitch

So what's the scoop on the Book Giveaway announcement, you ask? Good question--good point. You got a (semi-garbled) newsletter that dangled a carrot, then didn't follow through: can you see this author blushing behind her fingers? So sorry! Apparently my laptop had the hiccups and somehow sent out a strange, combo of 3 separate newsletters--my hubby even got a draft that wished him Merry Christmas! Have no idea how it happened, as the "test" newsletter was perfect when it arrived at my inbox. I can only surmise that my poor laptop is as tired after traveling 2000 miles as we are! So . . . as for the real message of the garbled newsletter:

1) Disaster Status has released early and is available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and ChristianBook.

2) I DO plan to celebrate by hosting a book giveaway: total of 3 signed copies of Disaster Status, exclusively for my newsletter subscribers. (Sigh) It was all described in the phantom newsletter that must have made its way to Mars . . . or zinged back toward Marfa, Texas. I will send the notice (how to enter, etc.) again in a few days. When the movers bring my office computer and my sense of trust has returned! If you haven't signed up for my newsletter (via website) there's time to do that now.

3) Thank you to all readers who've written to say they've received their pre-ordered copies and are "scrubbing in."

4) To those of you who got the garbled version of the (non) Giveaway Announcement that included a Merry Christmas greeting: I was early, not late?

And lastly, I appreciate your having a sense of humor about cyber glitches-- and your patience with this road-weary author.

Now then: Egg nog anyone?


Something About the Joy said...

LOL. You're funny, especially when you're tired.

JJ said...

Hi Candace, I am enjoying reading Disaster Status. (First Wild Card Tour) Thank you for sharing your experiences from work and from your faith.


CandaceCalvert said...
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CandaceCalvert said...

GA Home Mom: Thank you so much, I look forward to your review--and appreciate your work in putting good books into the hands of readers.