Monday, April 15, 2013

The Other Tea Party: Pinky Fingers not Politics

Sometimes it's not about the food; it's about the delightful fuss. And the company. The conversation and perhaps unexpected . . . drama.  If you've ever watched an espisode of Downton Abbey, you know what I mean. Those Crawleys know how to serve food as a side dish to drama. And how raise a proper pinky finger when navigating a tea cup.

As you know, I was an ER nurse for . . . ever. And blessed to be part of an amazing team that not only saved the lives of countless patients, but saved mine (literally) and figuratively on many occasions. Angels in scrubs . . . with a devilish bent for humor and fun. We're still close friends, and we gather annually for Spring Tea, hosted by our long-time charge nurse, Melanie. We did that again yesterday. Nurses who bonded over the wail of sirens, grabbed cold pizza and stale coffee in the throes of back-to-back trauma . . . suddenly wearing hats and sipping tea:

Enjoying amazing little finger sandwiches:

Lovely ambience . . .

And delectable sugar cookies . . . shaped like little hats:

Yes, sometimes it's all about the experience. As my * Rescue Team * hero, Wes Tanner, learns in this teeny scene snippet. The rugged search & rescue volunteer joins his neighbor, battling Alzheimer's, for tea and cookies. The other guests are a K9 search dog named Hershey, and the woman's beloved plastic doll . . .

“Yes, ma’am,” Wes told Amelia Braxton, hoping his finger wasn’t permanently stuck in the handle of the dainty flowered cup. “Best tea I’ve ever had.”

The elderly woman’s barely visible brows rose, and he hurried to amend his compliment. He turned to Nancy Rae, sitting on the porch swing, wearing a cherry-print dress and something that looked like an old Pilgrim hat. Only faint scratches gave evidence to her near miss with the business end of a shotgun. 

“Thank you, too, Miss Nancy,” Wes said, fairly sure that Hershey, wriggling beside him in hopes of a cookie, would laugh out loud if he could. “It was very nice of you to invite me to tea.”

Amelia giggled. “She thinks you have beautiful eyes. So do I."

I don't know about you, but this willingness to risk making himself look silly, made Wes even more of a hero to me.

So how about YOU? When was the last time you enjoyed tea and cookies--Starbuck's and a muffin-- and conversation with a good friend? 

** FYI:  Rescue Team is now available and shipping!**


Library Lady said...

The last time I enjoyed tea, cookies, and conversation with a good friend was so long ago I can't remember.
Your tea party looks lovely and very relaxing. Thanks for posting the photos.
Janet E.

Kathy T said...

I think it's such a fun idea for you and your nurse friends to have a tea party, completely moving you away from your normal setting to a very relaxing setting, dripping with atmosphere. Loved the photos. Love having a nice cup of tea or other beverage with friends, and as you know, the Japanese can turn that into a real event, similar to the Brits only green (as in tea!). So fun. Just had a rockin' good time at Starbucks yesterday with Ciara, my co-worker as we both tried the new Tiramisu Coffee Frappacino! YUM! Next Monday after rehab, I'm looking forward to a date with one of the Indian women volunteers who visited me in the hospital.