Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th!

For many of us it's a national holiday and I'm giving my guest authors a break today.  I'll just take a moment to wish a very happy Independence Day to my US readers. We're having a low-key celebration here at the Calverts. Flying the flag, and watching local fireworks after enjoying some barbecue. Of course (unlike our fun guest post last week) this grilling does not involve goats in any way shape or form. In fact, since we're vegetarians, it's going to be something more like this:

No, we aren't going to eat the zinnias!

 But I do love those "Original Garden Burgers," and plan to steam, then marinate (seasonings, herbs, olive oil)  and grill that fat California artichoke, much the same way we enjoyed it for my birthday trip to Carmel. The other fresh vegetables, sweet red pepper, organic yellow onions, baby asparagus, zucchini, and Portabella mushrooms will also be grilled--to save for upcoming dishes. I'm going to serve the garden burgers on thin whole wheat buns with slices of juicy Heirloom tomatoes. And add some of those yummy baked zucchini fries on the side . . . . Mmm. 

Just for fun, here's a couple of snippets from Rescue Team, where our heroine, former Californian, Kate Callison  orders veggies at an awkward lunch with her estranged father . . . then, later, is thoroughly tempted by Texas brisket

Tea for me as well,” she told the waiter. “Not sweet.”

They added their food orders—his catfish and her campfire veggie plate—and Matt weighed the wisdom of broaching the subject of the phone call again. But Kate beat him to it.

“I wasn’t crying,” she said, lifting her chin. “It was . . .” Her lashes fluttered in the same tell he’d read all her life. When she’d denied bending the brass angels on the Christmas tree or taking her mother’s lipstick to school . . . Had he missed some signs she was planning to leave home?

 “Allergies,” she explained. “Cedar fever. Another Texas thing I have to get used to.”

Matt nodded. Kate had her mother’s looks, but that stubborn streak was 100 percent paternal. He wasn’t wrong that she was in trouble. One way or another, he was going to do something about it. Matt wasn’t going to let her run away this time.


The air smelled like barbecue. 

Kate walked alongside Duster  toward the barn.  All traces of the search-and-rescue demonstration, Scouts, and school children had vanished. And here, closer to the Tanner ranch house, the air was thick with the scent of mesquite smoke and slow-cooked brisket. Her traitorous stomach rumbled to mock the Shady Grove vegetable plate. 

So how about YOU, did you plan  something special for an Independence Day celebration?  Was barbecue on the menu? Did you find time to relax, curl up with a good book? 

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Ann Revell Street said...

We had grilled brats (on the George Foreman due to the rain), baked beans, and.... Funyuns. ;)