Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Amazing Grace, Surprising Splash

When our houseguest, talented musician, Chuck Jamison, offered to don his kilt and play us some tunes . . . I picked up (my favorite instrument) the phone and started calling neighbors. We ended up with about 20 friendly faces, gorgeous Hill Country sunset, a table loaded with munchies . . . and plenty of sighs and goosebumps as Chuck piped "Amazing Grace," military fight songs, "Danny Boy," and several classics. It was awesome and informative too, as Chuck described the physical process of playing this remarkable instrument and its history--which goes back to "Biblical" times, long, long before Ireland and Scotland. Fascinating. When he played the military songs (as he does for inagurations, weddings, parades, The Highland Games, Scottish Societies, VFW) several of our neighbors rose in honor of their military affiliations: Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Very cool. All in all, a delightful evening of laughter, camaraderie, warm hugs, colorful stories . . . and meatballs, salmon spread, mango salsa, venison sausage tidbits (hey, my neighbors are hunters) and Italian bruschetta. As the commercial says . . . Priceless!

And then, last night, we had another impromptou poolside event: our aged schnauzer fell into the pool! Seriously. I'd come from the office to the kitchen to check on dinner and caught a glimpse through the window of what appeared to be . . . a very wet and unidentified creature paddling in the pool. So I squint, thinking armadillo? Possum . . . Nutria, beaver? And then it hits me and I scream, "Heidi's in the pool!" Hubby and I hit rescue mode and yank her out; she's shivering and moaning . . . breaking our hearts completely, of course. But a few hours later, after a call to our sharp and kindhearted Vet, a warm bath, hair-dryer therapy . . . and guilt-prompted treats that aren't in her diet, the pooch is feeling normal again. Heidi. Who will be 15 in August. And is so deaf she didn't hear the bagpiper. Bless her furry heart.

So now we'll be standing outside, safely observing, as she does her "business" on the lawn. You CAN teach old dog . . . OWNERS new tricks.

Tomorrow we're back to real life. Without houseguests, or pool drama. We hope. And I'll be finishing THE HEALER'S HEART. Stay tuned!

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