Saturday, April 12, 2008

Get Along Little Doggie . . .

We're still in B&B mode--with a brief break between the end of my brother's visit and the arrival of tomorrow's guests. So along with making fruit salad for a church breakfast tomorrow, I'm washing sheets and towels, spiffing up the bedroom and bath . . . and yawning. We've had a busy few days, with some interesting moments:
1) An impromptou jam session with my talented hubby and my big brother--convincing my husband that he, too, NEEDS a 12-string guitar.
2) Seeing a man ride a longhorn bull down Main Street in Bandera
3) Finding the perfect cowgirl belt . . . sparkly pink rhinestones on spotted cowhair, does it get any better than that, ladies?
4) Blue Bell ice cream sundaes (with strawberries and pecans) for everyone!
5) A chance for our elderly mini-schnauzer (Heidi) to play with her California "cousin" African wolf mix, "Indie". And watch him escape under the fence, to be rescued (thank goodness) by our vigilant next door neighbor. Quite the adventure--no wonder that pooch was named after Indiana Jones!
6) Glorious sunny & crisp weather, with low enough humidity that we kept "zapping" ourselves on the car doors. But perfect for sunset walks (dogs in tow) and breakfast outside by the pool, accompanied by a chorus of birds (goldfinches, a painted bunting, cardinals, a scissortail flycatcher) and an entire herd of bawling cows in the pasture behind our home. Indie's first ever bovine encounter--yee haw!

Our guests tomorrow are also coming from California, after attending a wedding in San Antonio.
One of them is a professional BAGPIPER. Seriously. I have no idea if the visit will include a jam session . . . but am thinking hubby could look very Sean-Connery handsome in a kilt. Don't tell him I said that, okay?

Wednesday I should be back to work, finishing the final two chapters of THE HEALER'S HEART. And, though I'll still have several weeks of re-reading and "polishing" to do yet, the characters in the second book (Heart's Hazard) are already beginning to whisper in my ear. Telling me about themselves: what makes them happy, what bugs them more than anything, secrets they've never told anyone, hopes, dreams, fears . . . and how they feel about working with an author who drools over a rhinestone-on-spotted-cowhair belt?? Maybe so.

If you hear bagpipes over the next day or so . . . feel free to hum along.
See you Wednesday!


L M Gonzalez said...

Sounds like you've been having fun, Candace. And writing a lot. Am looking forward to your new books.

'See you Wednesday?' Does this mean you're going to the SARA meeting? Hope to see you. It's been awhile.


CandaceCalvert said...

Hi Lupe--thanks for stopping by.
Actually, I meant I'd be "here" on the blog tomorrow. Am still on a hitaus from travel . . . chained to the keyboard and other obligations. Hug the SARA's for me!