Sunday, November 30, 2008

We'll Take Two, Please

Next year I'm getting the most amazing birthday gift: TWO new grandbabies--one due the day before and one due the day after. I'm still in awe. One of them will be born in Arizona, a BOY, and the other will arrive in California. We're awaiting the news on the Pink or Blue issue in the Golden State. The ultrasound is TOMORROW. Nine AM. Give or take a few minutes, probably. I've called to confirm this. Two or three times. Not that I'm an anxious grandmother. But this baby is a first on "my side." Meaning that I didn't have to marry a Grandpa to accomplish this particular miracle.
The wonderful fact is, that grandchildren came with the package when I married my handsome husband nearly 10 years ago (you've got to love a God of second chances), and I'm thrilled to have 3 beautiful girls and one incredible nearly-two year old boy call me "Grandma." Though I've tried to claim credit for their beauty, intelligence, talent, and actual freckles--it's a stretch. And pure graciousness on their part.

California Baby, on the other hand, could actually have those freckles, or my mother's ski-jump nose, or my father's boundless energy, or . . a love of words and writing handed down for generations in my quirky family. The possibilities are awesome. And, since I lost both of my parents this past year (this baby's great-grandparents) it feels especially poignant.

So I picked a "Grandma" name (someone told me I had to). It's "CeCe." For my initials, C.C. And because my mother's Grandma name was "BeBe" after her initials, BB. It fit. The idea touched my heart. And the hearts of my son and his wife--parents to be.

I'm over the moon to be a grandmother of 4. And thrilled to be expecting two more. A BOY in Arizona, and . . .

Stay tuned. I'll be announcing news about California Baby tomorrow. If I can type. After staying up all night. Wondering, battling goosebumps . . . and being very, very grateful for God's beautiful miracles.

Pressing question: Can you see freckles on an ultrasound?


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CandaceCalvert said...

Oh, man . . . you can say that again! I'm over the moon. :-)
Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

MJFredrick said...

This is so exciting!!! How are you going to split your time?

My grandmother was Gigi, BTW.