Sunday, December 28, 2008

Making Books

I'm at an interesting point in the life of my new book series: when the first novel, CRITICAL CARE, is well into production phase, and the second book is heading toward "The End" in the initial draft stage. Writing one book while awaiting the official birth of the other. And by April, I'll be writing the third book, while doing signings and appearances for the first, and planning the launch of the second. All of which reminds me of the time I innocently bought my daughter a pair of pet rabbits. Supposedly two males. There were dozens and dozens of hopping bits of fluff--three floppy eared generations--before we figured things out and . . . nuff said. We're talkin' books not bunnies.

But still, it's quite the process, trust me. Here's what's happening right now with CRITICAL CARE, in preparation for it's June 2009 release:

1) The manuscript has gone through editing and proof-reading, and is typeset.

2) It's been presented to National Sales representatives.

3) Endorsement quotes (from gracious and stellar) authors are rolling in. Like this from bestseller, Harry Kraus M.D.:

"Finally, a reason to turn off ER and Grey's Anatomy. Here is a realistic medical drama with heart. Candace Calvert gets it right with page-turning prose, a heart-warming love story, and hope. Don't make us wait too long for the next one!"

4) Tyndale Marketing and PR teams have designed a (wonderful and exciting) plan for presenting the book (and author) to retailers and readers.

5) The (fabulous and soon to be unveiled) book cover has been designed.

6) Back cover copy (book description) is being drafted. Perhaps something like this:

"Lord . . . heal my heart, move me forward."

"After her brother dies in a trauma room, nurse Claire Avery can no longer face the ER. She’s determined to make a fresh start--new hospital, new career in nursing education--move forward, no turning back. But her plans fall apart when she’s called to offer stress counseling for medical staff after a heartbreaking day care center explosion. Worse, she’s forced back to the ER, where she clashes with Dr. Logan Caldwell, a man who believes touchy-feely counseling is a waste of time. He demands his staff be as tough as he is. Yet finds himself drawn to this nurse educator . . . who just might teach him the true meaning of healing.
CRITICAL CARE ~ Who heals the healers?"

7) ARC's (Advanced Reader Copies) will soon be bound and sent to reviewers such as Publisher's Weekly, Library Journal, BookList, And Christian Retailing.

Meanwhile, I'm already preparing for online author interviews, a blog tour, local launch party, and much, much more.

A bit like planning a wedding. While juggling. And dodging baby bunnies.

You have to be a little crazy. And love it.

We are. We do.

Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail--out of the way, Mama's on deadline!


Mocha with Linda said...

Oh, I'm getting sooooo excited!! What an awesome endorsement from Dr. Harry Kraus! He's one of my favorite authors.

Is the launch party something at a bookstore or a private party you give for your friends? Do you have to do all the planning or does your agent/publicist help?

CandaceCalvert said...

My goosebumps have goosebumps after Harry Kraus' generous quote.
What an awesome writing community to give such support--I'm honored, indeed.
My last two launch parties have been at my local indy bookstore, Read All About it Books:

Champagne, cake, giveaways and lots of fun. They want to host me again. My church wants to host a big public signing event as well, so I'm not entirely certain yet what the venue will be. It's wonderful to feel "wanted," and I love the local launch before I start taking books "on the road."
To answer your other question: I'm a compulsive planner (think "Monk"), but my new Tyndale family seems more than willing to jump in to assist. I'm thrilled.