Friday, April 3, 2009

Taking flight . . . for Ashland Skye

This post is a bit early, because the last few days have been crazy and are about to gather even more momentum. The week began with marathon writing sessions to finish revisions on DisasterStatus, then Wednesday I was thrilled by the arrival of Advanced Reader Copies of Critical Care (beautiful, Tyndale did an awesome job!)

And then just as I was jumping up and down and shouting over the glossy cover image of the handsome Dr. McSnarly . . . I get a phone call from my son in California saying that he and my daughter-in-law are headed to the hospital for induction of labor. Three weeks early, due to troubling complications: Talk about your euphoria balloon going pfffft.

So I go into full-out Mom (and pending grandmother) mode, praying (and asking for prayers from amazing friends), making phone calls, sending text messages back back and forth like a maniac (actually, I'm sure I did look like a maniac--since I must stand in my driveway to get phone reception. We have a metal roof.), all the while attempting to do the last critical read-through on my book revisions. And then:

Yesterday, at 11:56 (via emergency C-section) our grand daughter,
Ashland Skye MacKinnon
was born--5 pounds 12 oz, 19 inches, with lots of black hair . . . just waiting for satin ribbons. Or a ballcap. Or both. Mama's doing well, Dad's proud and grateful, and Grandma CeCe (that's me) is flying out to California in the morning.

I love her name: Her Mom and Dad went to college in Ashland Oregon, and that beautiful Pacific NW sky appears in many of their photos and in endless memories.
My editor said the name sounds like the heroine in a book. I was thinking the same thing.

And right now, I'm counting blessings that she's here, and that she and her mother are safe and healthy.

Wednesday I typed and prayed, and prayed and typed. Thursday morning we mailed Advanced Reader Copies of Critical Care to volunteer "influencer" readers. Thursday afternoon, our grand daughter was born.
Today I hit the button to send Disaster Status revisions flying through cyberspace to Tyndale House. Tonight I'll pack. Tomorrow I'll get on a plane . . . and go fly off to meet the newest heroine in my life, Ashland Skye.

Who was a "bit early," just like this blog post.

I'll be back for Easter. And I'll bring pictures . . . that's what Grandmas do.

Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes--you are some of those blessings I count.


Teresa Bodwell said...

Oh. I thought Of Oregon immediately, having spent a summer in Medford. I love Oregon and Ashland is especially beautiful.

What a lucky little girl to have you for her grandmother. (I should say--a young, beautiful grandmother).

CandaceCalvert said...

Oh man--thank you for the compliments. It's amazing (at this age) to be a rookie at something again . . . but I think I'll take to this Grandma job. ;-)

Yes, Ashland, Oregon is wonderful. My kids still flirt with the idea of moving back there one day.
We'll have to take Ashland to the Shakespeare Festival!

Mocha with Linda said...

My laptop's been on the blink since right after lunch. Congratulations on Ashland's birth. So glad all is well. Have a save and delightful trip!! Can't wait to see pics!!

Unknown said...

What a whirlwind of sweet blessings. Congratulations!!! I love, love, love the baby's name.

CandaceCalvert said...

Thank you all--I'm home now and still floating on that pink cloud.

Christa Allan said...

Congrats. I have two grandgirls, and oh how I adore being a Grammy!