Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Fast Forward

Today is Mother's Day and, because my kids are long-distance, it was relatively low key around here--church, some perfect-weather gardening, a few home projects . . . and an impromtou visit to Babies R Us. I was hooked from the second I walked in. All those cute little outfits, rows of high chairs, fleecy blankets, bins of pacifiers and teething rings . . . ah, a flashback to baby powder and the never-ending fatigue of new motherhood. It seems like only yesterday my "kids" were in bibs and diapers, not 30 years! So why did I spend part of Mother's Day in a baby store?

Because Vin is coming to visit. Not Vincent, or Vinny . . . Vin. Our first grandson. That blue-eyed cherub in the photo above. One of my four blessings for marrying . . . a Grandpa. Gotta love our God of second chances--who adds dollops of frosting!

I'll never forget the first time the implication of impending grandmotherhood struck me. Hubby and I were newly engaged, and I was helping him entertain his little grandaughter at Christmas, a toddler in velvet dress and white tights. It was the end of a wonderful evening and people were saying their goodbyes. I overheard this sleepy child ask Grandpa, "Where's Grandma?" and assumed she meant her great-grandmother. Much to my fiance's (rascally) glee, he informed me that she was looking for ME. Apparently, in a 2-years old's mind, the woman who bakes cookies and hangs out with Grandpa has to be Grandma! Makes perfect sense . . . and knocked me flat. Trust me, I got teased endlessly for months. And started slathering on a lot more face cream. Next week is our wedding anniversary, and it will be 9 years since I officially assumed that Grandma title. Just over a year ago (on Elvis' birthday) Vin joined the grandkid crew. We couldn't be more delighted. In this unbiased grandmother's eyes, he is beyond precious.

So, since the little guy's coming for his first visit to Texas in a couple of weeks, hubby and I got to spend part of Mother's Day buying a portable crib. And bumper pads, and sheets . . . and a darling comforter appliqued with zoo animals, and . . . The store clerks saw us coming, absolutely.

This was my first Mother's Day without my own mother--she passed away last fall. I spent a lot of time thinking about her, remembering so many wonderful times. Along with a warm collage of memories of mothering my own two children. I loved ending the day by coming home with a crib in our car. It felt like a natural progression.
And speaking of progress, I finished the last full chapter in The Healer's Heart. Only a couple of more pages for an Epilogue and the first draft is complete. Ah, what a great feeling.

Now to write . . . a list. Toys and books, and . . . look out, Grandma's on a mission.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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