Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The . . . um . . . END!

(edit 5/16: I've apparently lost my image link into cyberspace and can't retrieve it--please imagine a fanciful lineup of animals--zebra, pig, gorilla, duck, etc. Now, imagine that in a silly posterior view. Ah, there, now you've got it. Read on--)

I absolutely couldn't resist this image. Plus, it was far more upbeat (if not somewhat more snarky) than the Google clips of deadpan people holding picket signs announcing the end of the world. Doesn't work for me. My tagline, after all, is "RX: Charisma & Contagious Hope." Yes, I am the sort of irritating person who wakes up happy. So these animals are a far cheerier representation of "The End." And, face it, I've been an ER nurse and novelist: zoo atmosphere abounds on both counts! Hence, very familiar territory.

But, I digress. The fact is: I'VE JUST FINISHED THE HEALER'S HEART! Can we hear a big WAHOO, please? Thank you. You guys are great! Now, do you want some stats? Kind of like, you know, birth figures? Height, weight, hours in labor, Apgar score--number of stretch marks? I'm joking of course, but finishing a book is indeed a lot like bringing a baby into the world. Because, as the author, I had to grow and nurture both the characters and the plot, holding them near to my heart, protecting them from The Evil Internal Editor (myself on my less than confident days), carefully feeding the progress (this book prefers sushi and cold pizza) along the way . . . until the day it's complete. Which is today, May 14th 2008.

So, stats. Book length: Twenty chapters plus epilogue--some 85,000 plus words.
And, (without baring any physical proof) I did have a few stretch marks. Because (though I've written five others) this was my first inspirational novel, and I had to dig far deeper--stretch--to learn about the motivation of these particular characters, discover their hopes, dreams, fears . . . their struggles in love . . . and with FAITH. Heady stuff, and very rewarding. I LOVED it! I hope you do too. I can't wait for you to read it. Mark your calendar for June of '09.

So, yes, I've completed the first draft of the first book in my SHIFT IN FAITH medical drama series. A book that nudges "Grey's Anatomy" to "find its soul" (and IMO it has needed to for quite awhile). It feels great. And (though I still have to re-read, and "polish" the manuscript) this author's mind is already spinning onto the sequel--working title "Heart's Hazard,"-- which takes me to the California coast. Sun, sand, and ocean breezes. I'm thinking this book will need clam chowder and sourdough bread for sustenance!

Meanwhile--please join me in the I-just-finished-the-book HAPPY DANCE! (Pay no attention to the zebra twirling that pig. They always make fools of themselves).


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MJFredrick said...

YAY on finishing!!! And YES on Grey's needing to find its soul!

Revisions are your favorite part? Gah!