Monday, March 23, 2009

Hugs and Howdies: CBE

On Saturday, hubby and I tossed a suitcase into the Murano, programmed the GPS and drove north to Dallas--for a whirlwind day at Christian Book Expo. Because we had little time, my goals were simple: get a feel for this first-time event, pop in and say hello at my publisher's booth (Tyndale House) and try to see a few of the author friends I "rub elbows" with almost daily online, but rarely see in person. Simple goal, short day, but entirely enjoyable. And with several great moments. Like:

Hugs and laughs with the lovely, talented (and really funny!) B&H author, Leanna Ellis. That's us in the photo above. She's just signed a copy of her newest release, Ruby's Slippers. Another warm, funny, and thoughtful women's fiction novel set in her native Texas. I've thoroughly enjoyed her first two, Elvis Takes a Back Seat, and Lookin' Back Texas (set in infamous Luckenback, a town not far from where I live), and can't wait to get started on this one!
Here's the description:

Dottie Meyers, 35, is a real-life Dorothy Gale living with her little black dog on a small farm in Kansas that’s about to be hit by a tornado. Knocked unconscious by the storm, she awakes three months later at a recovery facility in California where her father, last seen when she was four, has left her a mysterious pair of ruby slippers.

But unlike The Wizard of Oz, this isn’t a dream, and the yellow brick road journey that Dottie and three friends are about to take from Los Angeles to Seattle in search of her dad will show the realities of a broken childhood. More importantly, everything connected to those sparkling red shoes will prove to Dottie that there’s only one true wonder worker behind the so-called curtain who can heal her wounds and prepare the heart for love.

Besides living in Texas and loving the color red, Le and I have at least a couple of other things in common: we share the same amazing literary agent, Natasha Kern, and we both began our writing careers in the mainstream market before following our hearts to write inspirational fiction. As a matter of fact, Leanna will be giving a workshop at the Romance Writers of America national convention in Washington D.C. this year for other writers who feel they may want to follow this writing path--I have a feeling it will be well attended!

Another highlights of my day at CBE, was seeing and having a quick chat with the gracious and amazing Colleen Coble who signed her newest release, Cry in the Night. I'm hoping to be able to post a picture here of her as well--my camera died and a friend took one, so stay tuned. Plus (more than serendipity), while I was visiting with Colleen, who should be there but one of my very favorite bloggers and CBA reviewers, Linda of Mocha with Linda! Another giddy hugfest, and a wonderful opportunity to sit down and chat--and have an impromptu interview as well. A delightful ending to my whirlwind day at CBE.

Hugs, Howdies, great books, good folks--the GPS knew right where to go!


Mocha with Linda said...

You make me smile! I'll never forget turning to walk away from that table and hearing "I'm Candace Calvert". God was so gracious to keep me there those extra few seconds! It was such a delight to meet you and spend some time chatting!!

Unknown said...

What a great time! Thank you for helping those of us who didn't go experience it with you. Love the picture!