Sunday, May 4, 2008

Aw, Mom . . .

It's a mother's job to humiliate her children--you know the drill:

1)The ol' spitting on a Kleenex and wiping their faces in public trick
2)Doing the Chicken Dance to the radio while driving the carpool
3)Making your kid stop and eat a banana in the middle of an equestrian competition (hey--potassium, heatstroke?)
4)Dressing up as Wonder Woman for the preschool SuperHero party
5)Writing mushy/funny notes on their sack lunch napkins
6)Theme party, after theme party, after theme party . . .

And all those embarrassing photo requests of course. Camera-happy Mom and camera shy kids. "Give me a break, Ma"--and they thought my moving to Texas would accomplish that. Like I don't have a new digital Nikon and . . . Southwest reward miles! Can you say cheese?
So here's a couple of coerced photos from our recent trip to California--my favorite being the grocery store snapshot, where I completely mortified my girls by whipping out my camera and asking the Produce Woman to capture the moment! Made perfect sense to me; it's not every day I get to go Mom and Daughter grocery shopping. It was great fun, and a perfect day. Hubby and I had planned to take them all out to dinner, but the kids suggested cooking a meal together so we could all "hang out" longer . . . and it was (as the commercial says): Priceless. Fresh tomato and basil bruschetta, grilled chicken, corn on the cob, chocolate champagne cake--and lots of laughter and hugs!

We had a fabulous visit, and are now back in Texas. And tomorrow I'll be back to work, finishing the last few pages of The Healer's Heart. Speaking of that--when I saw my son, I realized for the first time that he looks a LOT like the hero in this new book, Dr. Logan Caldwell. Dark curls, blue eyes, wide shoulders, great smile . . . I guess it shouldn't surprise me since my firstborn IS the hero type. Of course, I told him that. Which apparently is as embarrassing as . . . Chicken Dancing in the carpool.

A mother's work is never done!


L M Gonzalez said...


I'm always taking pics. My sons wish I didn't. LOL So, I can identify with you.

How else can we commemorate these happy times with our kids, though, right?

Beautiful family you have.


CandaceCalvert said...

Thank you, Lupe. Maybe we just can't stop--birth photos, first bath, first smile . . . first car. Gad, it all goes by too fast. Good thing we have digital! :-)

Thanks for stopping by. And blessings to you and yours!